Michael Is a mad lad, he is also the CEO and founder of Veritas Times. Michael was keen to succeed form a young age, finding ways to make money, when he grew, he would only accomplish those dreams.


From a young age I have made major advancement, I showed a whole lot of potential from a young age.


My favourite film is either Back to The Future or Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I love Back to The Future because of the attention to detail and the storyline, Marty and docs chemistry and the all-round feel to the film. I love the empire strikes back because you get to know the characters on an emotional level, Darth Vader is menacing with his costume being crafted to perfection.

favourite Book?

My favourite book is Jordan B Petersons: 12 rules for life. I found the book very interesting. And believe the book to be very helpful. And i would recommend for someone to read.


If I could live anywhere I would want to live in New York City, I watched Casey Neistats vlog series and New York seems so great within his videos.


You can contact me with my email


If you need anywork doing, i can help out! (for a price).